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Top 5 Tips for Giving Yourself a Fashion Makeover

When Max Azria founded BCBG Max Azria a little over 20 years ago, he believed he had spotted a gap in the market. Why was it, he thought, that well-made, well-designed and consummately hip clothing should come only at a steepling price. BCBG would dare to be different, offering quality and style at an affordable price.
The name said it all. Though in France, where the Tunisian-born designer grew up, BCBG was synonymous with American preppy, it was also translatable, a little more literally, as good style, good attitude which just about captured what Azria was after.
Its story since then has been one of relentless expansion of the initial brand, both geographically through hundreds of stores around the world, up and down the quality scale BCBG Max Azria had 17 brands at the last count ranging from the couture gowns of Max Azria Atelier to the iconic bandage dresses of Herve Leger to more value-based younger collections and into accessories, including watches.
At this point it is less a clothing company than a collection of lifestyle brands into which its watch collection fits neatly, with Azria looking to combine European sophistication with the more casual, sporty American approach and to offer a range covering work and play, day and night, often in the same watch.
So, the collection currently inlcudes a series of Elite Sport watches in a range of colours from bright orange to royal purple, with rhinestone pav dial, subdials for date, day and 24-hour count, off-square cases with starburst detailing on the bevel as well as a silicone-rubber link bracelet.
At the same time, its Bauhaus line has a vintage feel that qualifies it for night or day while its Releve series is more elegant breitling chronomat still, a square black-faced dial with two simple hands and stainless steel case set in an elaborate chain-link bracelet. With his BCBG watches, as with his original collection, Max Azria is still turning out quality products while keeping it real.

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